(Some people say that Mel has too many cats. Mel thinks she doesn't have enough.)

About Mel

Mel Stocker is an illustrator based on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Born in a seaside neighborhood in Plymouth (yes, the one with the pilgrims), she spent half of her childhood on the beach and the other half in front of a T.V., drooling over cartoons and video games. The latter inspired her to become an artist (and the former resulted in an ongoing love affair with the sea). She went to Massachusetts College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Illustration.

Mel has many artistic interests, but is especially excited by character design, comics, working with vibrant colors, and putting cartoon characters in comprising situations. Being one of those people that gets a little too excited when she passes by a dog on the street, she's also developed a special passion for animals and specializes in drawing them.

Her client list includes Cloudkid, Tufts, Worcester Magazine, and Healthy Living magazine.

Contact Mel

Mel is available for freelance work and private commissions and would be more than happy to work with you.

melstockerart {at} gmail {dot} com